Planning & Zoning

What We Do

We can provide guidance when you rezone land, apply for zoning variances or conditional use permits, or address neighborhood zoning complaints. We administer Title 18, the Borough's land use code, and Title 15, the floodplain ordinance. We also implement the Borough's regional comprehensive plan. We staff the Planning  Commission, Historic Preservation Commission and the Chena Riverfront Commission.

Zoning Forms

Public Hearing Application: Unified application package for rezones, conditional use approvals and variances. You may also need these forms:

Affidavit of Public Notice Sign Posting
Owners Authorization
Variance Application Process
Conditional Use Application Process
Rezone Application Process

Zoning Permit: An approved zoning permit is required before any excavation, construction, relocation or installation is started for a new land use. Except for conditional uses, projects in the GU-1 zoning district do not require a zoning permit. Zoning permits are free and are generally processed within five days.

A Zoning Permit Application must include a usable site plan drawn to scale or it will be rejected. See the Site Plan Preparation Guide for assistance in completing your site plan.

Floodplain Permit Application Worksheet: An approved floodplain permit is required for any new or substantially improved structure, alteration of a watercourse, or other development within the flood hazard area (Flood Zone A) or floodway.

What's My Zoning?
What's My Flood Zone?
How to Apply for Rezones, Variances and Conditional Use
Cluster Development Information and Application Form
How to Participate in Land Use Decisions: A Citizen's Guide
Site Plan Preparation Guide
Planning & Construction Permits Page
Information on Fences and Intersection Visibility Triangle
List of Approved Special Limitations and Contract Zones
FNSB Code of Ordinances (Title 18: Zoning Code)
Planning Commission Meeting Dates and Deadlines
Planning Commission Schedule
Planning Commission Agenda Packets and Audio Files