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Planning News
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Sexually Oriented Business Ordinance
Ordinance No. 2015-26. An Ordinance Amending Title 18 And Defining, Regulating, And Setting Locational Standards For Sexually Oriented Businesses. (Sponsor: Assemblymember Hutchison and Kassel).

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Other Studies:

Other Study 1 - 7th Circuit March 10, 2015

2006 Joint Land Use Study

The FNSB has partnered with the Army and the Air Force to develop the Fairbanks Joint Land Use Study (JLUS).  The study identified recommendations that would provide opportunities to accommodate growth and to maintain the regional economic sustainability associated with the Fort Wainwright Army Post and Eielson Air Force Base.

2006 Joint Land Use Study

Cluster Developments

Revised information regarding cluster developments is now available on-line by clicking here.

Tanana Valley Watershed Riparian Management Plan

The Tanana Valley Watershed Association is currently working in partnership with the Fairbanks North Star Borough to create a plan that will protect riparian (land along streams and rivers) habitat by establishing riparian zones, limiting erosion along waterways, ensuring public access to all rivers and protecting the riparian rights of property owners along lakes and rivers. A slide presentation explaining this plan is available by clicking here.

More information can be found at www.tvwatershed.com.