The issuance of a zoning permit is an administrative decision and is appealable within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of permit issuance to the Fairbanks North Star Borough Board of Adjustment. An appeal application may be filed with the Borough Clerk’s office. Please contact FNSB Department of Community Planning by phone at (907) 459-1260 or via email at for any questions or concerns.

 Issued Zoning Permits (last 30 days)

PermitIDApplicantDate IssuedPANProposed UsePermit DetailsAddress
18414JODI DAYTON02/20/2020
Residential; Single family residence 2792 THIRD AVE, NP
18413JODI DAYTON02/20/2020
Residential; Single family residence 1690 DALLAS DR, FNSB
18412JODI DAYTON02/20/2020
Residential; Single family residence 4821 STORMDOOR ALICE DR, FBX
18411KAPELI FERGUSON02/20/2020
Commercial; Home occupationThis home occupation uses 90 square feet of the residential dwelling unit. Only one sign is permitted for this business and can only generate a maximum of 3 customer vehicles simultaneously (FNSB 18.96.080).1504 TWENTY-EIGHTH AVE, FBX
18410ANDY ROE02/19/2020
Commercial; Microbrewry and tasting 150 EAGLE AVE, FBX
18410ANDY ROE02/19/2020
Commercial; Microbrewry and tasting 415 SECOND ST, FBX
18408DAVID BRAGG02/06/2020
Commercial; Home occupationWinery: Only takes 780 square feet in the 42' x 26' accessory building1223 SKYLINE DR, FBX
18407HEATHER FERGUSON01/29/2020
Residential; Single family residence 1439 GRENAC RD, FBX
18406ERIC LUPKES01/29/2020
Residential; Duplex 420 BENTLEY DR, FBX
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