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The FNSB is providing access to the FNSB network for those employees authorized. This access is for the convenience of employees and the employer, when required. Please note that work effort should be done during the employees working hours and not after hours, unless it has been approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor and appropriate compensation is claimed.

It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place to protect access to Borough data by using passwords on devices used to access the Borough network.

The State Attorney General recommends that notice be given to all employees that generating and/or storing Borough data/records on personal devices such as Smart Phones, computers, etc, opens up those devices to inspection as necessary to comply with the Public Records Act or if ordered by a court or other jurisdiction.

FNSB only

Fairbanks North Star Borough

PO Box 71267

Fairbanks, Alaska 99707-1267
809 Pioneer Road

Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

Written communications with public officials/borough employees generally are considered a public record
and subject to disclosure (viewing and/or copying of the communication) pursuant to a public records request.

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