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Streaming of Live Sessions

Click HERE for Live Streaming Session
(Internal FNSB access click HERE)

(NOTE: The audio links are only available during an actual live event!)

In our ongoing effort to make webcasts available to the widest possible audience, we have tested this service on a number of devices, from Windows computers to tablets to smart phones. We may or may not have tested YOUR particular device and we encourage you to let us know if you experience any difficulty listening. Please click the feedback link below to send an email message to our audio Webmaster. Please tell us as much as you can about your device, the version of your software, etc.
Send feedback to: Audio Webmaster Stream Feedback

The following is our current compatibility list:

  • Windows desktop greater than XP
  • Windows Phone and RT are supported through the app "RADYO"
  • Mac OSX computers greater than 10.7
  • iOS devices are all supported
  • Android is supported through the app "Just Playlists"
  • Linux is supported through the application "VLC"
  • VLC and RADYO both require that the URL to be added to the application
There may be other apps that will also play the Live Stream, however please note that the ones listed above were tested and confirmed to work.

The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly holds regular meetings beginning at 6:00 pm on alternate Thursdays of each month unless the presiding officer schedules otherwise. Click HERE for a list of the other types of meetings held by the FNSB Assembly.

The FNSB has many other boards and commissions that hold regular meetings throughout the month. Please click HERE to find the board/commission name and their meeting information.