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Detailed Help

MOVE MAP (also known as Pan) - Click & hold left mouse button on map, move mouse to move the map.
ZoomControl.JPG  ZOOM IN or OUT - Use plus or Minus sign, or use mouse roller wheel to zoom in or out.
     Alternate ZOOM IN:
     1) Hold down shift key;
     2) Click and hold down left mouse button in upper left corner of area of interest;
     3) Drag mouse to lower right corner of area to create a box;
     4) Release mouse button and shift key to zoom to area defined by the box.
PreviousNext_Extent.PNG  PREVIOUS or NEXT EXTENT
     - Click PREVIOUS to Zoom to most recently displayed extent.
     - Click NEXT to return to the extents that preceded using the PREVIOUS.

SEARCH - located on top left of map.Search.PNG
- Enter Address, Owner, or PAN (Tax ID). All three items are searched simultaneously, and results will be grouped by the three different items. 
- Enter Owner by Last name, then first name (do not use a comma).
- Select from search results to zoom to item.
- After zooming to an items, click on any map feature to display pop-up of information.

TOOLS other than Search - Located on top right of title bar
LAYERS.png  LAYERS - Check box to turn layers on & off
    Layer Options:  Click on 3 dots Layers_ellipse.PNG to the right of the layer name to display options to:
     - zoom to the layer;
     - set the layer transparency;
     - hide the layer's labels;
     - open the attribute table for the layer;
     - show item details.

  Layers Group Options:
  Layer_Group_collape.PNG  Click on minus sign on right side of Group Name to collapse all group layers.
  Layer_Group_expand.PNG Click on plus sign on right side of Group Name to expand all of group layers. 
 Operational_Layer_options.PNGOperational Layer options;
      - Turn all layers within a group on or off.
      - Expand or contract all layer symbology within a group.

LEGEND.png  LEGEND - Display legend of visible layers.
BOOKMARK.png  BOOKMARKS - Zoom to pre-defined areas.
DRAW_MEASURE.png  DRAW / MEASURE - Draw points, lines, polygons, or text. Optionally, check box to display measurement of drawing, including selecting the units of measurement.
SELECT.png  SELECT - Select features from layers, view data in table, export data.
QUERY.png  QUERY - Select features from defined query; then view or export data.
DISPLAY_BUFFER.png  DISPLAY BUFFER - Display buffer from address, parcel, or custom location.
SELECT_BUFFER.png  SELECT BY BUFFER - Use buffer to select address, parcel, or road; then view or export data
 LAT_LONG.png  GET LATITUDE-LONGITUDE - Display estimated latitude-longitude of a point, as WGS84.
                                                            - Estiimated coordinate accurate to no better than plus or minus 20 feet, and very often much more.
PRINT.png  PRINT/SAVE IMAGE - Print map, or save to PDF.

POP-UP INFO - Click on a map feature.
- Pop-up will appear that will drill through all visible layers to display results.
- Use arrow Popup_scroll_arrow.JPG in pop-up to scroll through multiple results.
Attributes.PNG  ATTRIBUTES - bottom of map;
- View, search layer data, zoom to features, export layer data.