Deferred Compensation Plans


Deferred Compensation (457) Plans

The Borough’s Deferred Compensation program allows employees to set aside (through payroll deduction with pre-tax dollars), an amount up to 100% of taxable compensation or $19,000. Employees are eligible to begin using the age 50 catch-up provision in the calendar year that they reach age 50. Those employees can take advantage of the catch-up provision by contributing an additional $6,000 for a total of $25,000. Special 457(b)catch-up contributions allow a participant for 3 years prior to the normal retirement age and that have not maximized contributions to contribute up to $38,000. Please verify with Human Resources.


There are significant tax advantages for participants in a 457(b) plan:

  • Contributions to a 457(b) plan are tax-deferred.
  • Earnings on the retirement money are tax-deferred.



  •       Home Office: 777 North Capitol St. NE
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NACO (Nationwide)

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