Supplemental Insurance



 Supplemental insurance is available through AFLAC products. This is an optional program, participation in the program is voluntary and funded by the employee, through payroll deductions.



AFLAC provides the following insurances. Pick the plan(s) that fit your family's needs.

Accident/Sickness/Disability Policy
- Helps provide a financial cushion beyond an accident to include sickness and off-the-job disability riders.

Short-Term Disability Policy - Helps with the loss of pay resulting from a sickness or off-the-job injury through monthly benefits.

Cancer/Specified-Disease/Limited Benefit Health Policy - Helps with the medical expenses related to cancer treatment.

Hospital Confinement Indemnity Policy - Helps with the non-covered expenses of a hospital stay.

Specified Health Event Policy - Helps with the medical expenses related to a covered life-threatening health event.

Contact your AFLAC Associate to find out how you can apply these coverages:

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