All Borough owned lands not already sold, designated for another use, or in the planning process for sale are open and available for nomination. A land nomination is an opportunity for Borough residents to propose the future use of available Borough-owned parcels of land.

When you submit a nomination:

  • The Division of Land Management will evaluate its potential use as indicated by you on the form.  
  • Field studies are conducted, research is compiled and a report of recommendations is produced.
  • Recommendations go through public review, as well as internal coordination through other Borough Departments and certain Advisory Commissions.
  • The Borough Mayor and Assembly review the report and a final decision is made. 
  • Depending on the outcome of this final decision the property may be sold, proposed for further planning and research, or retained.   

The Borough owned land inventory can be viewed HERE where you can find the information needed to nominate a parcel, including:

  • Property account numbers (PANs)
  • Township and Range
  • Ownership (verify that it is FNSB land)

Click HERE for a land nomination form. Fill it out according to the instructions provided and send it to

  • All nominations received will be posted on this page for public review. 
  • Status of land management's review of the nomination proposal will also appear on this page. 
  • A nomination may be declined if it duplicates a nomination received within the past five years.
  • Division staff are happy to assist you with your nomination at the counter or by telephone.

 Land Nomination Form

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