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Timber On Borough Owned Land


                                                To report a fire please call 911 or 1-800-237-3633

Personal Use Firewood


License to cut firewood on Borough-owned lands can be obtained at the Land Management Office, 2nd floor of the Juanita Helms Administrative Center, by calling 459-1241, or emailing a request to land.management@fnsblandsales.com (include payment form for processing). 


Where can you cut?
Areas for personal use firewood cutting include:

•Johnson Road Johnson Rd Cutting Area2017.pdf

•Peede Road Aerial Location Map.pdf

•Jenny M Creek (20.7 mile Chena Hot Springs Road) Jenny_M_PUL Firewood - Combined.pdf

•Hattie Creek AccessMaps.pdf

Contact us for a map of the above referenced locations.

Other locations may be opened at the discretion of the Division upon public request.

What can you cut?
Personal Use License allows for the taking of standing dead or fallen Birch and Spruce.

How much can you cut?
Personal use firewood cutting licenses are limited to 20 cords per person per year, at $10.00 per cord. 

Here is a guide for pickup hauling capabilities. Firewood Hauling Capabilities of Pickup Truck Beds.pdf




Whales Head Sale MAP and Whales Head Fuelwood-OTC.pdf

Loop Spruce Sale MAP and Loop Spruce Timber-OTC.pdf

Lost Birch Sale MAP and Lost Birch Timber-OTC.pdf


The Fairbanks North Star Borough's five year timber harvest schedule and voluntary plan of operation serves to identify and plan areas where timber harvesting operations could take place on Borough owned lands.

 Five Year Timber Harvest Plan.pdf