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"The Fairbanks North Star Borough's Land Management Division announces the start of a summer long inventory intended to account for use of Borough recreational and school facilities by local non-profit organizations and other community groups currently not under an agreement with the Borough. The initiative results from a need to formalize a relationship with all such groups so that the Borough can accurately and effectively support these partnerships which play an important role in our community.

FNSB encourages non-profit organizations and other community groups to take this opportunity to discuss their current use or intended use of Borough property. If your group currently uses Borough land and does not yet have an agreement with the Borough, please contact Ms. Sandra Mota, FNSB Land Manager at 459-1247 or via email at smota@fnsb.us. "


Get Your FIREWOOD For Winters To Come NOW!

FNSB has several areas for wood cutting available.  Most areas allow cutting of dead and down wood, so it could be well on its way to seasoned already.  

For information on wood cutting areas, click here.