907 Terminal St. Fairbanks AK 99701 (907) 459-1000

Interior Alaska Natural Gas Utility


Website: Interior Gas Utility - For info on Meetings, Ordinances, Presentations, Projects etc. 

Email: GasUtilityBoard@iangu.us 

Phone (907) 374-4474

PURPOSE: Interior Alaska Natural Gas Utility (IANGU) was established by the Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) on 15 November 2012, with the purpose of bringing natural and/or manufactured gas to the largest number of people in the FNSB in the shortest amount of time.

For 2015 meeting information please go the Interior Gas Utility website.

06-21-12 - Presentation to FNSB Assembly.pdf06-21-12 - Presentation to FNSB Assembly
06-29-12 - Final Report Abbreviated.pdf06-29-12 - Final Report Abbreviated
06-29-12 - Final Report.pdf06-29-12 - Final Report
06-29-12 - Financial Model.pdf06-29-12 - Financial Model
07-12-12 - Public Presentation.pdf07-12-12 - Public Presentation

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