Guideline for Petition Sponsors









1.             Request that property owners sign their names exactly as they appear on the Fairbanks North Star Borough tax roll.


2.             A person can only sign the petition once, regardless of the number of parcels owned. If the tax roll shows more than one owner, each property owner of the parcel may sign the petition one time.


3.             If a corporation or company owns the property, the president, owner, or an officer with signature authority of the company may sign the petition.  They will need to sign their title after their name, i.e., John Smith, President. Documentation of their signatory authority must be submitted with the petition.


4.             If the property owner lives out of town, you may copy the petition form and map, and forward it for signatures.  The petition may be returned to you or directly to our office. The petition must be received in our office by the deadline. You will be notified if we receive the petition directly.


5.            The handwritten numbers on the printout you have received, indicate the number of property owners who can sign the petition for that property.  Try to get as many signatures as possible.  The required signatures are 50% +1 of the property owners, the more signatures obtained on the petition, the more support you will have.


6.            Make sure the signed petitions are returned to the Rural Services prior to the deadline.



Laws Governing Service Area Formation / Annexation

Alaska State Constitution, Statutes and the Fairbanks North Star Borough Code of Ordinances


The Constitution of the State of Alaska, Article X, Local Government, Section 1, LOCAL GOVERNMENT:
The purpose of this article is to provide for maximum local self-government with a minimum of local government units, and to prevent duplication of tax-levying jurisdictions.  A liberal construction shall be given to the powers of local government units.


Service areas to provide special services within an organized borough may be established, altered, or abolished by the assembly, subject to the provision of law or charter.  A new service area shall not be established if, consistent with the purposes of this article, the new service can be provided by an existing service area, by incorporation as a city, or by annexation to a city.  The assembly may authorize the levying of taxes, charges, or assessments within a service area to finance the special services.


Alaska Statutes, Title 29.35.450, Article 7, SERVICE AREAS:
(a) A service area to provide special services in a borough may be established, operated, altered, or abolished by ordinance.  Special services include services not provided on an areawide or nonareawide basis in the borough, or a higher or different level of service than that provided on an areawide or nonareawide basis…
(b) A new service area may not be established if, consistent with the purposes of Art. X of the State Constitution, the new service can be provided by an existing service area, by annexation to a city, or by incorporation as a city. 

                (c) [A] service area that provides road, fire protection, or parks and recreation services in which voters reside may not be altered or combined with another service area unless that proposal is approved, separately, by a majority of the voters who vote on the question and who reside in each of the service areas or in the area outside of service areas that is affected by the proposal.


Fairbanks North Star Borough Code of Ordinances, Title 14.01.171:
B.  No new service area shall be formed if the new area can be served by annexation to an existing service area.