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A cancellation is when a patron cancels or changes a ride with less than 24 hours notice.  To avoid being penalized for too many cancellations patrons must make sure they write down all scheduled trips as a reminder.

It is very important to cancel unwanted rides to allow others to use this time and not waste a trip.  Someone on standby can use this spot only if patrons call in and give the Customer Service Representative enough time to schedule another patron.

No Shows

A No-Show is when patrons are not at the designated pick-up point or when patrons refuse a scheduled ride when the van arrives.  Cancellations called in less than one hour before scheduled pick-up times are also considered to be No-Shows.

If a patron has a "No-Show", all of your other trips for that day are automatically canceled unless you immediately notify the Customer Service Representative by calling 459-1010.

Suspension Policy

This suspension policy is designed to provide more opportunities for others to ride by imposing penalties on patrons who repeatedly accumulate too many cancellations or no-shows.

Patron eligibility will be suspended if one of the following is accumulated:

  • 6 cancellations during a 6 month period
  • 3 no shows during a 6 month period
  • A combination of 6 cancellation and no shows during a 6 month period.

Patron eligibility may be suspended for six (6) months if they receive a second suspension during a 12 month period.

If a patron is a subscription patron and receives a suspension, they will lose the subscription rides and will be placed on the bottom of the subscription waiting list.  After the suspension period is up, patrons may request demand rides but the rides will no longer be automatically scheduled and dispatched.  Subscription service will be reinstated only when that request is reaches the top of the waiting list.