Emergency Preparedness and Youth Safety Day

Emergency Preparedness and Youth Safety Day is a partnership between the FNSB Emergency Operations Department, Kinross Fort Knox, and the Volunteers in Policing (Citizen Corps) Association.

FNSB is excited to join Kinross Fort Knox and Volunteers in Policing. Past Youth Safety Day in Fairbanks raised awareness for health and safety hazards that can affect our youth. Bike helmets were provided to each youth attendee, who also participated in safety workshops and educational seminars. Local Emergency Responders and the Fort Knox Emergency Response Team attended so the community could get to know fire and police personnel. The event included various children's activities.

This year's event will continue to blend all of the previous Youth Safety Day elements, including interactive activities, safety workshops, and educational seminars, and provide all-hazards safety and disaster preparedness demonstrations, simulations, and training at no cost! 

The event will be held on August 26, 2023, at the Carlson Center (2010 Second Avenue, Fairbanks, Alaska).

Stay tuned for more information!

Community Partners and Stakeholders:  We are looking for organizations and businesses to attend as exhibitors to display, present, and demonstrate emergency preparedness and safety-related items and services. If you are interested in participating, please complete the Emergency Preparedness and Youth Safety Day Exhibitor Form. Email any questions to EmergencyManagement@fnsb.gov. There are no on-site sales and no fee to participate. 

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