Marijuana Permitting

Marijuana Permitting Flowchart

State of Alaska Information

There are a variety of resources available for individuals who are interested in applying for a marijuana establishment license:

The Marijuana Control Board will issue testing and cultivation facility licenses first. Product manufacturing and retail store licenses will be processed and reviewed after the testing and cultivation licenses are issued. The sequential issuing of license types is necessary so that legally grown, tested and tracked marijuana is available before product manufacturing and retail licensees begin operation.

Additional Information

To give notice of the application to the FNSB as the local government, please submit a copy of the application to Community Planning. The application form that needs to be submitted is automatically produced by the State's online application system after your initiated application was submitted. It is the same form that you post on your proposed premises and is titled, "Public Notice Application for Marijuana Establishment License." (see sample (PDF))

You may submit a physical version to the office or email an electronic version to We can then date stamp it received and provide you with a physical or emailed copy. You may then sign "Form MJ-08: Local Government Notice Affidavit" in good faith and with evidence that you submitted the notice to the FNSB.