Storm water Management and permitting Requirements

Are you developing a site that has potential to discharge storm water to the storm drain system and/or directly to a water body and need to know your permitting requirements? Click on the map of the urbanized area of Fairbanks and input the site address.

The Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB), City of Fairbanks, City of North Pole, and State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) have separate areas of jurisdiction and project review authority for storm water management in the Fairbanks area. The accompanying handout is intended to help developers identify the appropriate regulatory agency and submittal requirements for their projects. It contains a chart that outlines project review authority for each agency along with a submittal matrix and agency contact information.

Fairbanks Urbanized Area Map

Stormwater Permitting Map

Agency Review and Project Submittal Requirements

Fairbanks Urbanized Area Storm Water Management Agency Review and Project Submittal Requirements

One you have determined which regulatory agency has review authority for your site, review that agency's storm water guide below to learn about their specific submittal requirements, design criteria, and recommended best management practices.

If your project additionally requires coverage under the State's Construction General Permit, visit the Construction General Permit page for more information.

FNSB Guide

BMP Design Guide

FNSB Permit Application

Site Development Permit Application

Fairbanks / North Pole Guide

Fairbanks and North Pole Storm Water Management Program Guide

ADEC Guide

Alaska Storm Water Guide

Agency Contacts

If you would like more information, please contact the person responsible for the jurisdiction you are interested in:

Alaska Department of TransportationEnvironmental Impact Analyst907 451-5212
City of FairbanksAndrew Ackerman907 459-6836
City of North PoleBill Butler907 488-2281
Fairbanks North Star BoroughStorm Water Program Manager907 459-1340
University of Alaska FairbanksRuss Steiger907 474-5812
AK Department of Environmental ConservationProgram Manager, Storm Water and Wetlands907 334-2288

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