What is the role of the Rural Services Division?
  • Provides engineering, technical and administrative support for road service area commissioners
  • Provides administration of approximately 107 service area contracts for over 485 miles of service area roads in addition to one street light district and one sewer district
  • Assists commissioners with issues that may arise with performing the duties of a road service commissioner
  • Issues permits for excavations within the right-of-way of service area roads
  • Maintains databases of:
    • Assembly Road Service Area Committee (ARSAC) members
    • Budgets
    • Chairpersons
    • Current mill levy rates
    • Current service area commissioners
    • Current service area contract pay items.
    • Roads maintained
    • Other financial information
  • Maintains all service area traffic regulation devices
  • Works with Clerk’s Office for commission appointments and special elections for service areas, such as tax cap elections and service area boundary change elections
  • Acts on reported encroachments within the public right-of-way in service areas
  • Provides training opportunities for commissioners to learn about the basics of road maintenance, working with contractors, budgeting, and planning

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