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Online Hotel-Motel Room Tax Report

  1. Please include your Business Name and Account number.
  2. mm/dd/yyyy
  3. Report Type*
  4. Any false statement on this form is punishable under AS 11.56.210.
  5. 2. Exempt Sales
    Select any or all that apply
  6. Exempt Sales (Must Provide Backup)
  7. 30 Days or More Non-Taxable Sales (Must Provide Backup)
  8. (Must Provide Backup)
  9. (Line 1 - Lines 2A, 2B & 2C)
  10. 8 Percent (.08 x Line 3)
  11. Late Report Penalty ($25)
  12. 10 Percent of Line 4 (.10 X Line 4)
  13. (as Per FNSBC 1.04 & 3.58.090)
  14. 1.25 Percent Per Month (0.0125 X Line 4)
  15. (if Paying Is Current) (.02 of Line 4, Not to Exceed $250)
  16. (Line 4 - Line 7), if Delinquent (Line 4-5A, 5B, 5C & Line 6)
  17. Subtract Credit or Add Outstanding Liability
  18. (Line 8 & Line 9)
  19. By submitting this form I declare (subject to the penalties prescribed) that this report, including any accompanying statements, has been examined by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief is a true, correct and complete report.
  20. Request must be received 30 days prior to inactive period. Inactive period must be a minimum of three months.
  21. If this is a Final Report or there is a change of owner or address, please contact Treasury Budget at 907-459-1441. The Fairbanks North Star Borough does not allow or accept advanced filing of Hotel-Motel Room Tax Reports from any operator regardless of the circumstances.
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