MACS Transit Polar Express Flyer.correction

For December 2023, MACS Transit and Van Tran will offer limited SATURDAY service only for the RED  and  Green lines.

 The limited Red Line and Green Line Saturday service dates are Saturday, December 9, 16 & 23. 

 On December 9, patrons can Ride for Free!

 On Saturday, December 16 & December 23, the Red Line and Green Line will again operate with regular bus fares in effect.

 If you are a Van Tran patron, please call 907-459-1010 to schedule your ride.

Remember, Saturday service is for the Red Line and the Green Line and is just in time for getting out to do errands, go to work, shop, or attend community events.

Oh! One more thing: for December, the GREEN LINE to North Pole will be known as The Polar Express!

If you have any questions, call Customer Service at 907-459-1011.

FNSB MACS Rider Alert_Update for 30 OCT 2023

Metropolitan Area Commuter System (MACS) Transit

The Metropolitan Area Commuter System (MACS) operates fixed-route bus services in the borough, serving most of the urban area. Bus service is inexpensive to get around town, stay healthy, reduce vehicle emissions, and save costs by not driving a personal vehicle.

Van Tran

The Van Tran system operates a paratransit, demand response service for people with disabilities who cannot use the fixed-route (MACS Transit System) and senior citizens. Riders must complete an application to become eligible for this service.

Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

The Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Department of the Borough maintains the fleet of vehicles, from snow machines to fire trucks. Vehicle maintenance ensures that the fleet is properly maintained to continue the functions of the Borough.